At the Big Purple Party, my bro Danny Worsnop took some time to talk with me about We Are Harlot and what fans can expect when they see We Are Harlot live.

We Are Harlot were the talk of the BPP because they did exactly what they said they were going to do: be as entertaining as possible.

They performed an epic 30-minute set which left all of us wanting more. Busting out "Tie Your Mother Down" by Queen was straight on point and a perfect touch.

When asked what he thought about performing with We Are Harlot live on stage, he said: "I'll be honest at this point, I never know what to expect."

That spontaneity comes through in an amazing live show from We Are Harlot.

We can't wait to have We Are Harlot in Lubbock again this 4th Of July for the "Red White And Boom." You can never tell what Danny Worsnop has in store for Lubbock when he rolls through.