At this year's Big Purple Party, Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix took some time to talk with me about performing with a female on stage for the first time, along with referring to We Are Harlot as the gift that keeps on giving and what performing live means to Papa Roach.

When I asked Jacoby about performing with In This Moment's Maria Brink live on stage he said: "It's very different having a female on stage. I've never shared the stage with a female - she's a badass force."

I also asked Jacoby about his passion on stage and the power he brings to a live performance.

"We are reminded every night when we get on stage, why we are out here and what our music means to people," he said.

Papa Roach did some serious work live on stage here in Lubbock and as you will see with the rest of the interview that Jacoby gives props to Crobot, Sons of Texas and Upon A Burning Body, along with a few chuckles about the boys of We Are Harlot.