What happens when Gwar's front man Oderus Urungus gets animated? He gets high on life and wants to send a positive message to kids everywhere. Really?

Animators Myke Chillian and Tommy Meehan have created a new "Funny or Die" video that finds our favorite rubber wearing rapscallion giving children a positive message through the bands music. What the rest of the band doesn't know is that Urungus has been infected with a mysterious disease and it's up to them to save their fearless leader.

Oderus spewed his thoughts on the "Animated Tales of GWAR",  “I hate cartoons … cartoons are for kids and kids are strictly for eating. But I just might have to back up a little and say that this is the greatest cartoon ever, even if I still hate it, just because it’s about US.”

That's all folks...

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