There's been a lot of talk lately about athletes and head injuries. There is no question that a blow to the head regardless of age is a bad thing. I know when I was playing football there were times I was hit so hard I literally forgot my name.

All sports have an element of danger though, injury is always a possibility, I'm sure every Olympic ping pong player worries about the risk of a concussion from being hit in the head by flying ping pong ball with a wicked back spin on it.

I always thought swimming was probably the safest sport, I mean after all it is no impact and there is nothing that comes at your head from out of th blue without warning.

Turns out I was wrong, swimming maybe the most dangerous sport of all. It seems chlorine may cause brain damage, don't believe me watch any interview Ryan Lochte has ever done.

Check out the video of Seth Macfarlane on SNL last night as he does his (on the money) impresssion of the Olymipic gold medal swimmer.