When Lubbock gets something that it's never seen before, you know I get excited. Pair that with the business having their soft opening on my birthday, and what more could I ask for? I obviously had to go check out Lubbock's newest food truck.

GoGogiri is bringing the east to the west with Asian fusion like we've never seen before, along with some truly crazy corn dogs, or "Gogo Gamja K-Dawg's." Started and created by Ian Greenberg, Harry Cathey and Harrison Nguyen, it's based off onigiri, which combines Japanese classics with other Asian fusion flavors curated for American audiences.

Let's start first with the dawgs. As you can see below, they have some crazy ones.

Kelsee Pitman, Townsquare Media
Kelsee Pitman, Townsquare Media

They have a ramen dog with mozzarella inside and crunchy ramen on the outside. It's something I've never had or seen before, but I played it safe and tried the OG Dog. It was really good. The potato dog or ramen dog are definitely something I'll try next time because why not, right? Where else can you find this here or even in Texas?

Now for the other stuff I tried. I'm going to start out with my favorite thing, the Wagyu Beef Riceball. It was so delicious and like nothing I've ever tried. The meat inside was so good and I would definitely get it again. Their dumplings are also very fresh. If you stop by their food truck, get their two sauces because they're perfect to dip anything in.

Gogogiri in Lubbock, Texas
Courtesy: Shelby Mac

Gogogiri's end goal is to become a nationwide chain, offering a new unique fast-casual Asian option to the average American consumer. You can find out more about them and where they will be located on their website. Most of the time they're located at 1601 University Ave. in Lubbock.

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