On a daily basis, I'm asked who are some of my favorite bands?This is my thoughts on what bands rank as my all-time favorites. If they're good enough to be played at my funeral...then they make the list. Thankfully, I'm still alive and kicking to be able to hear the new the record from one of my favorites...Rhino Bucket.

The Bucket will release their seventh album "The Last Real Rock 'N' Roll on Friday, April 21.

This band has always yanked my chain since the first time I heard "Ride the Rhino" off of their 1990 debut record.

The first single off the new record is "Hello Citizens" which captures what this band is all about to me...making my list of what will be heard when they put me six feet under.

You can pre-order a copy here

In the meantime...Ride the Rhino

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