You say you want a revolution? Well, in 1991 you got one in the most spectacular of ways. Music fans were treated to what is likely the most impressive six-month run of album releases in music history. There was something for just about everyone (as we’ll demonstrate), but it was a particularly great time to be a rock and metal music fan as a changing landscape played out before us, giving us a wealth of iconic and hugely successful albums in just a short period of time.

So how did we get here? It could likely be due to a matter of timing within an industry that was ready to shift and feeling a burnout factor with the status quo. That led to a mix of the current guard still finding their spot in the market while labels and radio took more of a chance on new or previously underground acts in a desire to find the next big thing.

It’s interesting to note as we look at this six month period between June and November of 1991, there are a lot of now classic albums, but only a handful of those acts were already established at that point in time.

It’s also important to note that 1991 as a whole was pretty spectacular, with R.E.M.’s Out of Time, Temple of the Dog’s self-titled album, Smashing PumpkinsGish, PrimusSailing the Seas of Cheese and Live’s Mental Jewelry all falling outside our six-month window as well. Now head below as we recap what in 1991 was arguably the greatest six-month period for rock and metal releases in music history.

Why 1991 Had the Best 6-Month Release Period in Rock + Metal History

How many iconic releases can you pack into six months?

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