Estimates for the last southern border wall were about $26,000,000 per mile. That's the low-end estimate. Some put the cost at $46,000,000 per mile.

The border between Texas and Mexico is 1,254 miles long. Would you like to do 26,000,000 x 1,254? I don't even know what this number is, but it's $32,604,000,000.  My brain can't even process that number. I think that's 32 billion-plus, but please correct me if I'm wrong. You do know there's a thousand million in just one billion, correct?

Let's pause one time for the cause everyone always seems to bring into the picture. There are a little over 1,800 homeless veterans in Texas. Why don't we buy all these guys' houses and give them a couple million bucks before we do a wall? 

How come this figure hasn't been trumpeted? Some want to talk about the $250 million pillaged from other places as a down payment or the $450,000 raised in a week, but no one seems to be talking about $32,604,000,000 which, once again, is on the low end.

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No one also wants to talk about reciprocating saws, ladders, ropes, human chains, drones, shovels, tunnels, airplanes or boats that just cruise to the Gulf. No one wants to talk about how the Texas wall would work with national walls. Would they go behind, in front of or beside those? No one wants to talk about Texas seizing lands from its citizens or the wall's effects on the environment either.*

If you haven't figured it out, Governor Greg Abbott is full of beans and running a political scam, just like the folks with the last wall who embezzled the money and were arrested.

Texans would be better off lighting their money on fire or, for once, actually helping Texas vets than donating for a border wall.


*I forgot to include "upkeep". Who do you think will have to pay for upkeep on a wall when it's no longer as thrilling for people to make donations? 

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