Willie Nelson posted the video for his cover of Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe". One of the most under-rated Pearl Jam songs ever, and one of my favorites.

Normally I hate it when country a-holes steal rock songs and hick them all up and make them sound stupid. they make them sound like anything but the awesome rock song they were.

Willie, however, has done this one true justice. Plus he's Willie Nelson so he's awesome. If you liked the PJ version, I'll bet you'll like this one too. Maybe not as much, but you'll like it. Oh and that's Willie's son singing and playing in the video with him, and he sounds just like Willie too! Listen close, you'll hear it.

On a side note, the first annual Willie Nelson Celebrity Golf Tournament is going down June 30th in Spicewood, Texas. You can grab details at WillieNelson.com.

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