After sifting through days and days of long-range Lubbock forecasts I can tell you that we are in for a typically long West Texas Summer. Boo.

Of course, long-range forecasts can't be extremely accurate- even predictions a few days out can prove to be wobbly. However, it can give us a decent idea of when to finally expect cool breezes, biting cold, and even snow. I did the digging so you don't have to, so here's an approximate look at when we can finally bust out our flannels, coats, and even snow boots. Heck, I'd love to even use an umbrella at this point.

Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash
Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

According to Accuweather (which I've found to be usually spot on), early August will be quite hot, with highs over 100. We could tie or even beat some temperature records. By the end of August, highs will dip down to the low 90s. If we get rain, that'll cool things down a bit- our best chance is Sunday, August 20th.

Starting September 4th, high temperatures will finally be in the 80s. There's a very good chance it will rain the first week of September. After that first week, we will see some more low 90 days. Overall, September looks like it could be quite rainy, but still quite hot.

That's as far as Accuweather will take us, so we will switch to WeatherTAB for late September through December. Late September looks like we have plenty of chances of rain, but it'll still be rather warm.

Beginning in October the lowest lows are in the 40s but I wouldn't hold my breath for that until late October. I'm sure there will be plenty of "forget your light jacket in the backseat" days in October. October 10 is the first day showing a high in the upper 70s. Dare I call that "cool"? I'd say so, comparatively at least.

November 13th is the first day with the highest high in the 60s. November 13th is the first day with the lowest low under 32 degrees with a chance of precipitation. That could be our first snow day. That seems early, but the earliest snow Lubbock has ever had is October 17, 1999. I would NOT count on that this year.

December 1st is the first day with the highest high in the 50s. As a lifelong Texan, I'd consider that to be quite cold. Mid-month looks to be quite cold and has chances of precipitation. That's the time range I'd bet on for our first snow- if it even happens in 2023. I'd actually bet our first snow this winter won't happen until our coldest month of the year- January.

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