Do you think you wash your resuable water bottle as much as you should? Most of us toss it in the washer a couple of times a week. That may not be enough, especially if you've got one with a certain kind of mouth piece.

Photo by Bluewater Sweden on Unsplash
Photo by Bluewater Sweden on Unsplash

It might be time to take it out and give it a proper clean...

A TikTok user shared a traumatic experience that could have been easily prevented if only she had cleaned out her water bottle the correct way. You might not think you need instructions that come with a water bottle. It's simple enough, right? It's JUST a water bottle...


Make sure you read the instructions on how to clean your water bottle before you end up very sick. You do not want to go back and forth to the doctor the way that she did. She had a miserable time, all because of her funky water bottle.

Check out this video below, and I apologize if it scars you for life...

Ugh, y'all. It's so icky!

I've got to admit that I've actually discovered some really gross mold growing on the lid of one of my coffee cups before. I'd been using it all day when I found it. I was totally grossed out. Who knows how long it had been there? No thankkkkkssssss.

Just a little PSA! Share this with your friends and family that use similar bottles, and keep scrolling for more useful and entertaining content in the galleries below...

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