Needless to say the last week has been long and hard on the city of Boston. Woody's sister lives about two miles from the site, and she is still in shock over what took place this past week.The city of Boston is not only on our minds but on the minds of "The Bad Boys of Beantown" as well.

Aerosmith is currently down in Sydney, Australia for this weekends Stone Music Festival and the question about the bombings was asked at the official festival press conference. Bassist Tom Hamilton shared his thoughts:"It's really strange. I had just left my house for the airport, and I was just chatting to the driver about the best way to go, because we needed to avoid the marathon traffic. So the thing just started happening; we heard it happening over the radio, gradually getting more and more and more intense. It's just bizarre, because we were heading right for that area of the city. And the more they talked about it, the less it sounded like something that could be happening in my home town. By the time we got to the airport, it was on every screen at the airport and it had blown up into worldwide news. So it had that feeling of 'unreality' about it. And then after that, you start to realize, 'Wow, some asshole planted a bomb on Boylston Street.' It's just [like], 'How dare you? How dare you come in and hurt the people who live in this city?' It's just infuriating."

Boston you are not alone, we have your back.

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