Royal Family Tit For Tat & How They Should Avoid Cameras
So, a few weeks ago it seems like the entire world was talking about Prince Harry, getting down and dirty, and naked, while on vacation in Las Vegas. I get the fact that he is a Prince, and all the implications of how he is expected to act, but come on.
The Grass Is Never Really Greener On The Otherside
Most of us remember movies like Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II, Days of Thunder, and Enemy of the State, even though we may not know who directed them. Today, many who previously had no idea who directed these films heard the name Tony Scott in association with these hits for the first time ever.
Oliva Munn Stars In Inapproriate Video
Okay, are we all grown ups here?  No, well then let's say that this video is called "Ghost Boobs".  But it used the more fun word for boobs.  It's actually a very funny movie parody and the only inappropriate part is the use of that four letter word.  …
Is Randy Travis The New Singer For Motley Crue?
Country singer Randy Travis apparently got drunk, got naked, crashed his car and fought with cops.  Sounds like he's qualified to lead a rock band right?  Of course he's not really trying out for Motley Crue, but it sure sounds a lot like he's following Vince Neils footsteps…
Meet The Mayor Of London-He May Be Nuts
You will probably be seeing a lot of this guy, or as he refers to himself 'the fluff headed loon'.  It's hard to believe that a guy this irreverent, this funny and this odd is the mayor of one of the greatest cities in the world, but he is.  His name Is Boris Johnson and he&…
Oh Hell Yeah! Nitro Circus The Movie 3D is Coming! [VIDEO]
So there I was just cruising the facebook when all of sudden...this caught my eye.
So I clicked on it like every boy should. And it showed me this!
In other words, one of the coolest shows on TV in the last 5 years has now, similar to Jackass, gone big screen and 3D...
Drew Barrymore Marries A Third Time
I'm about to have a sad, sad boy around my house in about an hour. How do you break the news to your son that his dream woman got married last night while he was out on the town?

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