HOLY CRAP! Kate Upton Dancing in a Tiny Bikini! [VIDEO]
All I really need to say here is, you're welcome.
But if for some reason you need more info here you go. Kate did a photo shoot for famous photographer Terry Richardson. He must be made of awesome because he got her to dance in a tiny bikini...
Charlie Sheen is Drinking Again. Not Really [VIDEO]
In another commercial full of awesome, Charlie Sheen starts drinking again. sort of.
This commercial for a Dutch company starts with him leaving rehab and driving home. On the way he sees people drinking beer everywhere he looks. Cops, cabbies while driving, workers on the job site, even pregnant wo…
Tenacious D Are Back! [VIDEO]
In a star-studded short film titled "To Be The Best" Tenacious D sort-of, formally, not -really announce their return. Plus there's a new record coming too! "Rize Of The Fenix" is due May 15th, but that's not important!
The important part is that they got a grip of Hollywood peeps…
Mayim Bialik From Big Bang Theory [AUDIO]
Mayim Bialik from Big Bang Theory is a real genius. She specializes in the chemical reaction related to bonding with your offspring (wow!).  In addition, she was also "Blossum".  She decided to "slum it up" and spend a few minutes with the RockShow.
Slash and Betty White go to the Zoo. [VIDEO]
Betty White, a long time supporter of the LA Zoo along with many others, finally got some more rock cred when she filmed a promotional video with Slash. Slash, who is himself a long time reptile supporter, has done some other charity bits for the LA Zoo before, but never something this cool...

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