Tenacious D Are Back! [VIDEO]
In a star-studded short film titled "To Be The Best" Tenacious D sort-of, formally, not -really announce their return. Plus there's a new record coming too! "Rize Of The Fenix" is due May 15th, but that's not important!
The important part is that they got a grip of Hollywood peeps…
Mayim Bialik From Big Bang Theory [AUDIO]
Mayim Bialik from Big Bang Theory is a real genius. She specializes in the chemical reaction related to bonding with your offspring (wow!).  In addition, she was also "Blossum".  She decided to "slum it up" and spend a few minutes with the RockShow.
Slash and Betty White go to the Zoo. [VIDEO]
Betty White, a long time supporter of the LA Zoo along with many others, finally got some more rock cred when she filmed a promotional video with Slash. Slash, who is himself a long time reptile supporter, has done some other charity bits for the LA Zoo before, but never something this cool...
Who Needs Camp Mohawk; I Want Rock Camp [VIDEO]
In the classic movie "Meatballs" the cut-rate summer camp Camp North Star run by head counsellor Tripper Harrison (Bill Murray) is in a competitive rivalry with the wealthy camp across the lake Camp Mohawk. One of my favorite lines is when Tripper tells his campers it does not matter if yo…

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