How to Get ANY Woman to Show You Her Breasts
I was trying to come up with topics for blogs and I thought of those "Irresistible Headlines." Yeah, the headline I used is one of them (so no, this has no actual information on "how to get ANY woman to show you her breasts.").  So, on the other side, five mo…
Who Is The Real Greg Brady [VIDEO]
Have you ever seen one of those magazine's or programs on cable TV about former child stars? If you have you know that the mass majority of them end up either addicted to drugs, broke, homeless, or on drugs, broke and homeless.
I Want Naptime! [VIDEO]
Yes I have kids. And, yes, I think this video is hilarious! If you're easily offended, don't watch it. If you're easily amused, come on in!
“Inside Amy Schumer” Previews Look Hilarious [VIDEO]
Amy Schumer's new show debuts tonight on Comedy Central.  So far, it looks like the best of all of the shows they've bee presenting lately.  I've watched three skits and they were all three winners.  Click through for the fun.
Girl, Where Did You Get THOSE Shoes…[VIDEO]
Can I just say, women are brutal on each other, even if they are best friends. Don't believe me? Go sit in a restaurant near the Tech campus some day and listen to how girls talk about each other.
Are You Going To Eat That? [VIDEO]
During football season I have no problem finding ways to keep myself entertained on Sunday nights, give me food and a football game and I am set for the night.

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