Ray Luzier Drops New Korn Release Date
Korn drummer Ray Luzier has dropped the date for their upcoming 11th studio album. This will be the first time Brian 'Head' Welch has played with the band in 10 years. The new album drops September 24th.
Hashtag Gags Are a New Low in Humor
This one is bugging me big time.  It's the new practice of using hashtags (#) as shorthand or a punchline for a joke.  It was especially infuriating when used on places other than Twitter.
See David Draiman as a Teenage Mafioso [Pix]
David Draiman is a very intimidating individual. His bald head and chin piercing along with the butt-kicking boots give off a real "don't mess with me" vibe. In real life, David is an intelligent, well spoken, and maybe even a little nerdy kind of guy. So now that you know the…
Wes’s Million Dollar Idea: Mandages
I've been going around all week with Scooby-Doo bandages on my shredded finger (and another on my tattoo scar). Of course I trust all of my wound care to a ghost fighting talking dog.  I then went to 'man-up' a bit at the pharmacy and I was surrounded by Strawberry Shortcake, Din…

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