Hashtag Gags Are a New Low in Humor
This one is bugging me big time.  It's the new practice of using hashtags (#) as shorthand or a punchline for a joke.  It was especially infuriating when used on places other than Twitter.
See David Draiman as a Teenage Mafioso [Pix]
David Draiman is a very intimidating individual. His bald head and chin piercing along with the butt-kicking boots give off a real "don't mess with me" vibe. In real life, David is an intelligent, well spoken, and maybe even a little nerdy kind of guy. So now that you know the…
Wes’s Million Dollar Idea: Mandages
I've been going around all week with Scooby-Doo bandages on my shredded finger (and another on my tattoo scar). Of course I trust all of my wound care to a ghost fighting talking dog.  I then went to 'man-up' a bit at the pharmacy and I was surrounded by Strawberry Shortcake, Din…

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