RockShow Quickie

RockShow Quickies: Easter, The Dogs Off His Meds & More [PIX]
It's time for our weekly roundup of RockShow Quickies!  Yes, these are the best of last week, but they'll definitely give you a fresh chuckle to start the week off.  You can find the Quickies original appearances on the lower right hand side of KFMX.Com and some at the RockShows …
RockShow Quickies:
Yes, it's another round up of our favorite memes.  You can usually catch them on the front right rail near the bottom on our website.  We do, on occasion, post a few directly to the RockShow and FMX Facebooks as well.  You though, my friend, are obviously a glutton for punishment…
RockShow Quickies
It's your weekly dose of laughs from the front page of and The RockShows Facebook page.  Click through for some laughs.  Caution, some are a little inappropriate!

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