This one hurts a bit. According to KCBD Councilman Victor Hernandez could be removed from office tomorrow (Tuesday) because he owes and has owed tax money to the city while in office

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Here's a quote from the article:

Mayor Tom Martin quotes the City Charter as saying that city officials cannot be indebted to the city.

So the question is why wait?  Even if Hernandez pays his taxes now, he was in debt when he got the position and should have never have been sworn in.  Apparently this problem had been pointed out before the election as well!  The biggest heart-breaker is that Victor Hernandez has done some good work for Precinct One and for the city.  Even with that little bit a praise, I can't have a person taxing me that doesn't pay his taxes.  That is just complete and total bullsmackey!  I hope Mr. Hernandez will be a good soldier and fall on his sword, however I predict some kind of legal battle that will cost us more money.  I personally can't believe people aren't making a BIGGER deal of this.