I remember the first time Fiver Finger Death Punch was scheduled to play Lubbock, they had to cancel the show because they had only sold a few tickets. Woody was so freaking bummed because she was one of the people who knew who they were.

Pretty soon though calls started pouring in requesting to hear "The Bleeding," the first single released off their debute album "The Way Of the Fist."

Fast forward 5 years and 3 albums later and everyone who listens to metal can tell you who these guys are.

I'm telling you if you have not seen these guys live you are missing out, and bro, I don't want to see any of you missing out on a die hard rock show!

So, here is what you do, get yourselves over to Ralph's Records and pick yourself up a ticket for just $38.50 then Tuesday, July 24 get yourself over to the Lone Star Event Center to check out the Tresspass America Tour featuring 5fDP along with Lubbock favorites Killswitch, Pop Evil, Trivium, Emmure, God Forbid, and Battle Cross.

Doors open at 4:30, so if you're among the 8 to 5 crowd you might want to tell your boss you must have gotten food poisoning at lunch so you can leave early and have an excuse to recover... I mean get better... On Wednesday

Now draw blood and check out the video...