This is the perfect venue and band match-up. We're excited to have The Pretty Reckless play Wild West Lubbock for the 2016 FMX FreakFest.

The Pretty Reckless will headline the 2016 FMX FreakFest at Wild West Lubbock on Wednesday, October 26.

In October, it's important that shows stay inside if they can. It's even better in Wild West because it can be heated or cooled as needed. That's just the beginning of the upsides to having a show their too. There's also the fact that there's nice bathroom facilities, free parking, great sound, fantastic sight lines and a great staff that seems genuine happy to have you there.

One more thing. Even in my 20s, I wanted to sit at a table for shows. I like having a place to set my drink down and/or a place to meet with my crew. Wild West has a number of spots just like this. The place is comfortable.

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Now, let's talk about The Pretty Reckless. The band hit with three number one singles in 2014. They've just released the first track off their new album called "Take Me Down" and it's a killer. I can near guarantee that it will go to number one as well.

Taylor Momsen is an old-school performer. She puts her heart and soul into each performance. There's not a bunch of jumping around; just pure talent on display. If you saw The Pretty Reckless at the 34th FMX Birthday Bash in 2015, you know they put on a can't-miss performance.

Oh, and we have a SPECIAL PRESALE DEAL for you, too.

From 10 a.m. Wednesday, August 10th  to 10 p.m. Thursday night, August 11th, you can save major bucks by picking up a Pretty Reckless Threesome. That's three tickets for the show for $50 (plus service charge). This will also include one download of the new album. We'll be sending out the presale code Wednesday morning to our loyal Bomb Squad VIP club members, so make sure you're a Bomb Squad VIP and signed up for our newsletter!

The Pretty Reckless - "Take Me Down"

The Pretty Reckless - "Heaven Knows"

The Pretty Reckless - "Going to Hell"