Bringing something new to the Lubbock scene its' Genesis Device!According to the band's Facebook they formed in 2011 with guitarist JJ Munoz and guitarist Kyle Perrin. I have been a huge JJ Munoz fan for a long time since his days with Colossus Of Rhodes. He is a very talented guitar player, and I am very excited to see JJ starting to play again.

Genesis Device recently played their first show in the backroom of Jake's to a house full! When you watch the video you will notice that there isnt a lead singer! And that doesnt take anything away from their gig! There is some really talented musicians in this band including Shelby Gladman on bass. Check the video out for Genesis Device playing live in the backroom!

Kyle Perrin - Guitar
JJ Munoz - Guitar
Jason Ledesma - Drums
Shelby Gladman - Bass