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Good Guitar Players Piss Me Off! [VIDEO/NSFW]
Now before you get all grouchy with me, let me say this video is meant for humor and when you watch the video of my bro Doug Stapp you will then understand my point. BE WARNED THIS VIDEO HAS SOME NAUGHTY LANGUAGE!
Alice In Chains, The Humble Beginning [VIDEO]
I was searching the ol' YouTube for some Alice In Chains tracks and I came across this video of Alice In Chains before they got signed to their first record deal. Even though this video is 25 years old there is some seriously good advice for bands out there.
The “Local Band” Dilema
Being in a band is a blast, except when it comes time to play a gig.  If you ask me "local bands" were the first Herbalife salesmen.  What I mean by this is, the bands are selling you something that might make you feel a little better, but you don't really need, all …

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