On this Easter Sunday, let me share with you a small tale from the deep, steamy bowels of Lubbock, Texas.As I celebrated Easter today with my son, we reflected back on the times that he would run around the yard searching for candy-filled Easter eggs from the Easter Bunny (his mom). I couldn't tell you how mad he was when he discovered that there was no Easter Bunny, or when he found out that there really wasn't a fat man in red suit that flies around with nine reindeer either.

17 years have past, all here in Lubbock, Texas, and each year has been a treat in itself, to say the least.

He sent me this video the other day and it reminded me of when he'd sit on the kitchen floor and hit pots and pans with wooden spoons or anything he could find. From those times forward we knew that he would ask that fat man in the red suit for a drum kit, and surely enough he did.

I sure am proud of how far he has come, and on this Easter Sunday, he makes me so proud of what a fine young man he has become. I hope you're as proud of yours as I am of mine, and on that glorious note, check him out being his alter-ego Dr. Otis Tic, banging those drums like a madman...