This seems to be the decade of the vampires and werewolf both for teens and adults, we have the "Twilight" series, "Red Riding Hood, and now "Teen Wolf" for the younger folks and "True Blood" for those of us that don't need an i.d. to go to an R rated movie.

A few years ago every Sunday at 9:00 Woody would leave my side to rendezvous with a guy named Bill. Finally after a few weeks of her leaving me alone in bed while she spent time in the living room with this Bill character I decided it was time for me to confront this dude and see exactly what was up.

Needless to say I soon found myself hooked, there was action, drama, comedy, blood and gore, and sex, lots, and lots of sex!

If you are one of the few that has never seen an episode of "True Blood" let me give you a brief synopsis of the past 3 seasons to get you ready for season 4.

Season 1: Sookie has this strange power that allows her to hear every one's thoughts; so she is literally constantly hearing the voices of other people in her head. Sookie meets Bill (he's a vampire and dead) she can't hear his thoughts... they have sex

Season 2: Sookie and Bill fight about another vampire named Eric who want his own, Sookie. Sookie dreams about having sex with him. Bill gets mad, vampire fights ensue.

Season 3: Enter werewolves,"maker's" (the vampire that turns a person into a vampire) and shifters (shape shifters), everyone is after everyone else, no one trusts anyone, everyone has sex.

Mix in a lot of fights and blood, good music and seriously some good story lines and we have pretty much covered the first 3 seasons.

Check out the trailers for all 4 seasons then get ready for the first episode of season 4 this Sunday night.