After you cheer the Red Raiders on to victory get your "Guns Up" and head out to Wrecker's for an old fashion Saturday night (10/22) shoot-out. 

 Are you going to pull those pistols or whistle Dixie...L.A. Guns will be "packing heat" when the band unloads both barrels at Wrecker's 18th/I-27. The multi-platinum selling band comes to town featuring; guitarist/Tracii Guns aka "SatansChicken," bassist/Eric Grossman, Doni Gray on drums, and from the reality show Rockstar:Supernova, the one and only Dilana on vocals. 


Two Days Forever-8:15  

Brandon Adams and the Sad Bastards-9:15

20 Shades-10:15

L.A. Guns-11:30