Four dirty assbags took a baby girl along with them to do some crimes, the results were not good and almost very, very tragic.  Watch the video as the vehicle flips and the baby walks away.  More, including the video from KCBD, after the jump.

Police caught up with the vehicle after an alleged robbery in the Depot District (isn't it funny how you still have to say "alleged" even after the douchenozzles flipped their car running from cops?).   Let me be clear, I don't believe in gun control, and I WISH the person being robbed would have pulled out a gun and put two though the assh@le who instigated this crime.  Sorry, but anybody that would put a baby girl in jeopardy like this isn't worth the oxygen he's breathing.  Sorry but screw this guy and screw his dirtbag friends.  All reports are that the baby girl is doing fine.