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The Painman

Hosted by Frank Pain

Midday Mayhem

The Painman is what his forefathers called ”a dirty Irish sumbitch.” With red hair and a heart like a burning cabbage, Painman’s love of music runs deep. He has developed Midday Mayhem completely contrary…


Hosted by Driver

My mama was a coyote and my daddy was the ace of spades. I was born in the back of a ‘56 Chevy pickup that was running moonshine from New Mexico to Texas. As a baby I was so tough I used a cactus for a rattle and a live snake for …

Wes Nessman

Hosted by Wes

Wes is part of the Rock Show. He is also one of the owners of ”Nightmare On 19th Street.” He occasionally picks up a bass guitar and beats on it like a monkey trying to get ants out of stick. Likes Tattoos. Hates Chris…