The Rock Show's Heathen and Wes hosted the South Plains Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Ring Girl Competition  held at Bash Riprock's 2 Friday night (1-20-11).  Three rock bands including Somar, Fluid Frequency and Cleanly Ohm kept everyone entertained, but then, so did Heathen and Wes!  I'm just sayin' that Beer, DJs and microphones are a dangerous combination.  I tried to keep them contained as best as possible, but when The Rooster and more KFMX crew showed up, containment failed, I admitted defeat and joined the party.  Details, Pictures and Video follow the jump...

Things got rowdy when Heathen claimed he could take on any of the fighters, but it turned out that he couldn't even" HANDLE" the Ring Girls... Oh he tried, both hands, but they kept slapping his face!  In the mean time... Wes was smiling a lot, and kept takin' pictures of his EYE and mumblin' sumthin' 'bout goin' out to Nightmare on 19th Street to kill Zombies.

Our four winners were:  Amanda Bolanos (1st Place and Main Ring Girl),  Magaly Silva (2nd Place), Jessica Helton & Jamie Border

Good Music, friends, cheap drinks and lovely ladies made for the perfect evening in the Hub City.

Carry On...


South Plains Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (SPA-MMA) is a non-profit organization formed to create, maintain, and distribute state level rules for Amateur Mixed Martial Arts competition in the state of TX. SPA-MMA will encourage the safe training of amateur fighters and will help promote the sport of Amateur Mixed Martial Arts through public information, education, and competitive events, in the West Texas Region.

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