Ralphie May Books Lubbock Gig
Ralphie May is headed back to Lubbock.  Ralphie always draws killer crowds and for once you may have a shot at some really good tickets.  Have you wondered why those McCartney tickets are going on sale Friday?  It's probably because Ralphie had the Saturday onsale locked up. …
Louis C.K. “Too Old For Pot” [VIDEO]
Louis C.K. is currently the heavyweight champion of the world when it comes to comedy.  He's just one of those guys who've hit the point in his career where he can talk about pretty much anything and make it funny.  In the following clip Louis talks about getting older while pot …
Doug Stanhope On What Makes Reality Shows Work [VIDEO]
Doug Stanhope used to be a Lubbock regular. Yes, there was a time when Lubbock had comedy clubs and everybody and their dog was trying to book comedians. Sadly, now that people need laughs more than ever, they seem unwilling to pony up seven bucks and the price of two mixed drinks. More after the ju…
Comedian Bill Burr On Lance Armstrong & Oprah [VIDEO]
I love stand up comedians and Bill Burr is one of the best.  Bill isn't standing this time though, he's on the coach with Conan. Bill has a great couple of minutes here defending Lance Armstrong and calling Oprah out for being fake.  More after the break.
Spend Some Time With “The Bitter Buddah” [VIDEO]
I first notice comedian Eddie Pepitone on Last Comic Standing.  I quit watching after he was kicked off. This guy is hilarious. He's your grumpy uncle, if your grumpy uncle was the funniest guy on earth.  More after the jump.
Russell Peters On Women [VIDEO]
Russell Peters is an awesome stand up comedian. If you haven't checked out his full length shows, then I suggest you pull some up (I think you can get some on Netflix or Epix). If you don't have either of those, have no fear, I've got a great clip for you after the break.
Russell Brand Blows Minds [VIDEO]
Okay, I'm not saying that any of you guys are stoners, but let's say you have a 'friend' that's a stoner. If you play this video for them, they will see god then their face will melt off like the ending of Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Yeah, this could be deep, but it's defi…
Doug Stanhope Rocks Showtime This Friday Night
My favorite living comedian, and Lubbock favorite Doug Stanhope  starts in his own special this Friday night at 8 p.m. on Showtime.  The special is the video version of his latest c.d. called "Before Turning The Gun on Himself".  I can tell you that Doug is gut busti…