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The RockShow Big One: Can You Do The Racoon Dance?
Oh my. This story takes some strange twists and turns.  If you pay attention though, you can learn how to do the "Racoon Dance".  Now the "Racoon Dance" is probably best not done in front of law enforcement, but it might be fun to gross your wife or girl…
The RockShow Big One: Candyass Cops Gone Wild
I've never had a problem with a cop, but that's just me.  I think the majority of cops are hard working guys that really want to make a difference.  I do believe however that there is a significant amount that are some freakish power trip.  More after the jump.
Scam Artist Caught By Security Cameras [AUDIO]
I don't like giving away the end of a story in the headline, but in this case, it's how we got to this point that matters.  How far would you go to get a couple of bucks.  We already discussed the guy chopping off a hand earlier, this ones just a few bumps and bruises.  More…

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