things you can't unhear

RockShow Threesome: How Many People Pee In The Pool?
Man there's a lot of pee in pools.  It ain't right, but it's probably not half as bad as the other stuff that's coming off you when you get in there.  Heck, the oceans nothing but a fish toilet (thank you Surf Punks).  More after the jump.
Heathen Gets His Turn As “Worst Dad Ever” [AUDIO]
Okay, truth be told, this could have happened to anyone.  As a matter of fact, something similar has probably happened to you or someone you love.  It's just Heathen's "Turn" to look like a complete assh@le.  More after the jump.
Why Getting Kicked In The Junk Is The Worst [AUDIO]
It's another edition of "Things You Can't Unhear".  This time Heathen takes you through the actual physical, chemical and emotional results of being kicked in the junk!  Yes, it's another ball-kicking report with the RockShow.  Check it out after the j…
You May Be Eating Your Own Doodie! [AUDIO]
Among the many things I'd like to learn: how to avoid eating my own doodie.  Does that sound like a good idea to you too?  If it's high on your list of priorities, you may want to click through and hear what Heathen has to say.

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