We are stoked to have Papa Roach as a co-headliner for the FMX Birthday Bash.  In our opinion either Papa Roach or Stone Sour could sell out the Pavilion all alone, but to have both together is awesome.  More after the jump.

FMX and Papa Roach go way back. For a while Papa Roach went underground, Coby lost weight and went back to Jacoby.  We then announced an "FMX Blind Date" show. Nobody knew who was playing until that night.  After that 'relaunch' of the band, there was no stopping the band, here or worldwide.

So with all of that in mind, it's time for the "Real Five". The "Real Five" is indisputable because it's the 'most played' songs.  You can argue about 'best' or 'favorite' but the "Real Five" is based on facts.  So here we go:

1. Getting Away With Murder

2. Last Resort

3. Forever

4. Lifeline

5. Kick In The Teeth

Don't miss Papa Roach at the 32nd FMX Birthday Bash