I stand at the top of the hill of the Lonestar Event Center at every event and I'm always amazed what some people try to bring into the shows. By the time everbody is inside, there's always at least two 55 gallon drums full of crap that has been confiscated. So to help you avoid losing your favorite flask or that knife your grand-pa gave you, here's the top 3 things you won't need according to the management of the LSEC.

1) Weapons- No guns, knifes, chains, studded belts or studded bracelets.

2) Drugs- Why do you think they call it Dope!

3) No Coolers- There will be beer and alcohol available to purchase.

4/20-31st Birthday Bash- Doors at 5p- First band (DEAD SARA) at 5:30p.

4/21-X-Fest 9-Doors at 5:30p.

This should be one of the best live music weekends in Lubbock history...let's all get along!