It never fails, at every show out at the Lonestar Event Center, the question most asked...what do I need to bring. I can tell you the one thing I always find hilarious; is the sight of some pretty girl in a tight fitting skirt wearing 5-inch stilletto heels for a 6 hour outdoor concert! Hey, if that's what you want to wear, it's allowed!

Here are the Top 3 items you'll need for the biggest live music weekend here in the Hub City.

1) Money- Beer and whiskey aren't least we won't pay what a drink costs in the big city.

2) Blanket- So you can cuddle up with your sweetie, when the sun goes down.

3) Your ASS- Make sure to bring yours, cause it WILL BE KICKED!

4/20-Doors at 5p. First band (DEAD SARA) 5:30p.

4/21-Doors at 5:30p.