It's not uncommon to turn on the TV and hear about the obesity issues plaguing the U.S. It is impossible to go to a fast food place and order anything without being asked if you want cheese on that and if you'd like to super size your order.

I get that the restaurants want to sell you the super size meal because they make more money, and most of the time it is faster to just accept it and finish your order.

Today while I was in the gym I noticed something though, of the 25 - 30 TV's that were on it was not uncommon to look around and see 10 - 15 commercials for food at any given time.

I started paying closer attention and noticed there were more commercials advertising food than anything else.

Even while in the gym we are bombarded with images of pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, cakes and cookies...cheeseburger does sound good right now.