This past Sunday 10 Years threw down a pretty impressive acoustic set but it was the after show shenanigans that made it a memorable night.

The best nights never start with "I am gonna" they start with lets show up and see what happens.

We started the night off with our buddy J.R. the lead singer for Overscene and we didn't stop the party and were joined by our bro Jesse Hasek the lead singer of 10 Years. I didn't know Jesse was a skater and when he busted out his board I knew that the night was headed into a very interesting way.

Jesse is on stage in The Backroom with his board and wants to ollie off the stage onto floor and yes the cameras were rolling!

Thanks to our bros in Overscene and 10 Years for throwing down incredible sets and of course doing the hang. The video comes courtesy of my bro Trevor with his Instagram tmac1332


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