10 Years are back with the new album (How to Live) as Ghosts and longtime fans of the band are likely rejoicing about the return of guitarists Brian Vodinh and Matt Wantland. It's been a welcome presence for the band as well, as singer Jesse Hasek reveals in a chat with Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez that things are going well with the pair.

Hasek says that he felt that 2015's From Birth to Burial album could have potentially been the band's last effort, but the return of Vodinh and Wantland has the band revitalized. “We’ve got 80 percent of the original band back and with great chemistry and it’s as good as what we had in the beginning,” says the singer.

Speaking about Vodinh and Wantland's exits and return, Hasek stated, "We got together and it took five or six years to get signed and we blew up. Then there becomes tension internally and those two are great writers and they work really well together but as things went on, there were conflicts and this and that. I didn’t know that those guys would ever really want to work together again and to get them back together, it feels right. It’s like an Oreo cookie [laughs]. They make jokes that we talk better through music than we do to each other in conversation.”

He continues, “We’re all like a brotherhood and we get along now better than ever, but stuff grows and changes and you have success when you’ve never had success, they try to put a focal point on the singer or try to pick the band apart. That’s why they make so many movies about it. It’s a very common theme. But I think as you grow and you get older you can look back at the stuff and things you thought were a big deal is really petty and you look and think what was the reason you did it to start with? It was for the love of making music with these people. And if you can come back to that, I think there’s always the ability to rekindle and recreate things.”

10 Years will be back on tour in December. See where they're playing at this location. To hear more of Jesse Hasek's chat, catch Loudwire Nights Thursday night (Nov. 30) on a station near you. See where Loudwire Nights airs here.




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