There are 42 college football bowl games with 4-team CFP included. Most of them are completely useless and provide no real impact outside of the local impact that can be found by inviting 20,000 tourists to your city for a weekend in December.

With new bowl games popping up all the time, why not give Lubbock a little shine. No offense to Birmingham, Alabama, but if we can live in a world where that place warrants a bowl game, then I think we can justify The Lubbock Bowl.

I mean, Lubbock is a thriving growing metropolis, Birmingham is a dying shriveling town. Again, no offense to Birmingham. I'm sure it's great.

Bringing a bowl game to Lubbock would be even more important if the Big 12's imminent collapse isn't rectified by the Red Raiders joining another major conference. A multimillion-dollar loss in yearly revenue for the university would impact the Lubbock economy swiftly.

Adding an event like the Lubbock Bowl could, at the very least, provide the city with some much-needed money and national recognition. The bowl itself wouldn't cost the city much, there is already infrastructure to host large amounts of people and the game can be played at The Jones.

The only thing we need now is a sponsor for the Lubbock Bowl.

I've got a couple of ideas:

11 Lubbock Things and Business Who Could Sponsor a Bowl Game at Jones Stadium

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