It doesn't really matter where you work. A restaurant. A doctor's office. The courthouse. Dumb people are everywhere and chances are, some of them are your coworkers.

The RockShow asked Lubbock workers to admit some of the stupid things they have witnessed other employees doing at work. The answers range from average stupidity, to downright ridiculous. Check them out, and comment on our KFMX Facebook page if you've seen a coworker do something totally dumb.


1. "Saw a guy back over a wooden post and get his vehicle stuck on it" - A.J. Burkett

2. "Saw a coworker (a minor) stealing a can of sake from the sushi department, drink it in the walk-in cooler, and then proceed to act buzzed for the rest of his shift... like C'mon kid that stuff taste like cold ass and you're not getting a buzz from 6 oz. Stop clowning!" - David Reid

3. "Coworker brought homemade cookies. Said she sifted the weevils out of the flour." - Kat Copeland

4. "I saw a guy nail his hand to a block accidentally then try and be all nonchalant and nail the block to the house as nothing happened. Then we had to cut the block off the house and clip the nail with snips to remove the block so we could pull the nail from his hand." - David Earle Walcher

5. "A coworker walked into the break room where it had a stove. He lit his cigarette lighter and we all heard……. WOOF!!!! With a huge rattle sound. As he walked out with cringed eyebrows he said “ I thought I smelled propane! I said, "You smelled propane and your first thought was to strike your lighter?" It turns out the stove was leaking propane...other than his eyebrows and some bangs everyone got out safe." - Ducket Gate

6. "When I first started my business, I caught a guy passed out in front of a customer's house, turned out he was drinking throughout the day, when I woke him up to fire him, he got mad and tried to fight me. So I tried him, he fell, he peed himself, I laughed, he cried, and the next day he begged for his job back." - Devin Carrasco

7. "The new guy drove the forklift with the forks up and busted a waterpipe in the ceiling. He flooded a warehouse full of finished products. He got fired." - Kimmi Ramone

8. "Hired a guy who tried to run high chairs through the dishwasher. Also washed condiment packets in the same dishwasher." - Josh Garcia

9. "I saw someone go to the bathroom with the lapel mic still on!" - Daniel Smith

10. "Worked in a grooming salon and I saw one of my coworkers start shaving her arms with a 10 blade... that blade is mainly used on private areas.." - Macy Baker

11. "I had a museum director that slapped an elderly accountant across the arm real hard who was also a member of the board. They terminated the museum director position right after that." - Joel Smith

12. "I saw someone sweet the table with a broom after being asked to wipe down the tables." - Jose Herrera

13. "AC unit was out at work it was a miserable muggy day, the beverage server was sweating like the tropics and he took his bar towel dipped in the bucket of ice he had on his cart and wiped off his sweaty head lmao. Yep...he was sent home for the rest of the day never to return!" - Tina Northbird

14. "My buddy cut half of his thumb off on the band saw right in front of me...didn't help that the fly bothering him was the reason..." - Gabriel Rodriguez

15. "I saw someone steal toilet paper during the 2020 COVID toilet paper shortage.....they weren't a coworker long after that." - Steven Sosa

16. "I saw someone Sprinkle marijuana onto the “Italian herbs & cheese bread” while prepping to bake the bread at Subway..." - Casey Heckman

17. "In the military - Smoked pot, got busted for it, got offered a chance to deploy instead of getting kicked out, got back from deployment and did it again." - Das Faust

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