94.5 FMX's The RockShow asked listeners to share with us what they always find themselves to be in the mood for. From food to naughtier things, the answers did not disappoint us and are pretty relatable.

As far as We and I go, I could always go for playing some slot machines and having a nice glass of whiskey. Wes Nessman could always go for a pair of boobs!

Here are 50 things our listeners are ALWAYS in the mood for.

"I'm always down to go fishing." - Timothy Hastey

"Chinese Food" - A.J. Burkett

"McDonald's. Always. Even if I've been let down repeatedly." - Good Morgen

"Cruising around, windows down, listening to music." - Gary Dorsey

"Ice cream! I can't say no unless it's mint chocolate chip. That's where I draw the line." - Janel Anderson

"A murder podcast and mozzarella sticks." - Tori Bybee

"Chicken wings!" - Sydney Catherine

"Chips, salsa, and beer on a patio ANYWHERE." - Shady Lane Malaeb

"Breakfast." - John Gallegos

"Sex, whiskey, and rock & roll."  - Casper Martinez

"TJ Maxx. It's a whole mood."

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"Movies. Covid-19 got me out of the habit of seeing new movies, but I'm looking forward to it soon." - Dean Parker

"Cheese Board" - Michelle Ward Doula

"Stevie Nicks." - Brett Hull

"Bar trivia and a well-made snakebite to drink." - Hannah Porter Ducas

"The older I get, naps smack harder for me!" - Tina Northbird

"Karaoke and petting dogs." - Llana Munn

"Coffee and seeing my grandkids!" - Sammye Gonzales

"Cheese." - Alexis Ann Kubisz

"Drive-thru tacos at 2 am after the bar." - Jared Masood

"I'm always down to ride Harleys." - Brenton Mitchell

"I'm always in the mood for queso." - Jerry Contreras

"Curry." - Andi Janow

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