It's important to shop local any time, but the holidays are an even better excuse to grab special gifts from a small Lubbock business. Not only will you be supporting your friends and neighbors by shopping at local stores, but you'll also have the opportunity to give gifts people can't find elsewhere.

There's just something special about handcrafted gifts and products that don't come from Walmart or Target. Here's a list of great Lubbock businesses to support during the holiday season:

Iconic Custom Carts - This local golf cart dealership has some really sweet golf carts that would be awesome gifts for anyone that loves to golf!

Whisk'd Lubbock - You'll find tons of kitchen gadgets, cutlery, cast iron, and all things cooking. They even have the largest cookie-cutter wall in West Texas!

Big Plate Restaurant Supply - I used to go here to buy things for my job as a server. You don't have to own a restaurant to shop at a restaurant supply store. They have regular retail items for your home too, and many products that are hard to find elsewhere. I highly recommend going inside and checking them out if you never have.

Valhalla Bound - I can't say enough good things about the products from Valhalla Bound. The candle smell intoxicating and they have excellent soaps, lotions, body butter, lip balm, and more.

Tumbleweed Botanicals - This is a really fun little store. Crystals, incense, niknacks, dried herbs, books, and decor. I love this spot. It smells so good in there. Great vibes, located right in Cactus Alley.

Star Comics - You can always find something great at Star Comics. If you aren't sure exactly what to buy the comic lover in your life, a gift card is a great way to start. They also have lots of different cool collectible items. It's not just comics. There are graphic novels, toys, and tons of other rad stuff in there!

Mountain Hideaway - Great place to grab warm clothing and gifts for your outdoorsy friends and family. Hiking, camping, and fishing gear. You name it, they have it!

Monster's Lair Comics - Another excellent spot for comics and cool gifts!

El Molino Tortillas - Don't show up to thanksgiving with some lame tortillas and tamales from Walmart! Get them here!

KK's Craft & Gift Mall - There is a reason they've been in business for over 20 years. They have something for everyone. If you haven't been there in a while, stop in and see what they have!

Surea Sundry Store - This pop-up shop specializes in gothic novelties and more! You can also order from them online.

Oldies & Goodies - This awesome antique/resell store in Lubbock might just have exactly what you are looking for.

Mad Hatter House of Games - These guys specialize in board games, role-playing games, and trading cards. They have a lot of excellent gift ideas, especially for teens.

The Purple Mandrake - This quaint little shop is filled with holistic items, jewelry, crystals, and more. They also offer holistic therapies.

Hub City Resellers - Find the perfect gift for your friends or family while browsing through their huge selection of vintage and antique items.

Craftin' Me Crazie - You'll find some really awesome one-of-a-kind gifts from this crafter. I seriously want EVERYTHING in her shop.

Ramsowers Furniture - This family-owned furniture business has some incredible home furnishings. Help our your struggling college student by hooking them up with a new living room set.

Holland Gardens - I always loved going to Holland Gardens when I was a kid, especially around the holidays. They really go all out! Browse around and find some neat gift ideas, and grab a few plants!

Contrive 3D - This is a super cool 3D printing service. You can order all kinds of custom items from them. They also have some Christmas specials on ornaments that are pretty cool.

Grand Central Station Antiques - This is one of Renee Raven's favorite places to go, and she suggested spending some holiday cash there. They have collectibles, home decor, jewelry, and other retail items.

Chickies Tasty Treats - These guys have the most delicious chocolate treats in town. Need I say more?

Witchbag - These handmade bags and accessories are great gifts. I bought a purse there last year for my boyfriend's mom and she still carries it. Truly quality products, made by an awesome lady.

Junkk Dynasty - Just like their Facebook page says, "From anything to everything..." indeed! Lots of really unique antiques and vintage items at Junkk Dynasty.

Ralph's Records - This might be my favorite local business in town. You can't forget to make a stop at Ralph's! Movies, records, stickers, and cool collectibles. I can get lost in there for hours.

Stace the Wrapper - When you are finished with all of your holiday shopping, head over to Stace the Wrapper and let her custom-wrap your gifts! No need to fuss around with the scotch table, or apologize to people when their gifts look all weird. We aren't all professional wrappers like her. She will really help you out.


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