This is a very exciting event for the musical community in Lubbock.

The Buffalo Grass Festival really has one goal, and that's the retention of Lubbock musicians. That is, to make it easier to stay and do business right here in the Hub City. Part of that is bringing the industry here to educate the musicians themselves.

This year, representing the "industry" is a big gun. Producer Rick Beato will be coming to town. In a weird coincidence, I began watching his videos recently and I can tell you that he will provide insight and information on a master's degree level. I challenge you to watch any of his stuff and not learn something.

The event will actually kick off with a concert at the Cactus Theater on the 20th featuring "All About Alice", Austin Dean Ashford, and Jeremy Couture & Friends. On Friday the workshops start and they roll all the way through Saturday afternoon. The event officially wraps up Sunday night with "Carmen In Gold" with the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra.

It's interesting to me that the name "Buffalo Grass Festival" was chosen as the festival's name. For those of you who remember, Lubbock had a HUGE local music scene and an annual concert called "The Tornado Jam". That concert/festival ended up being canceled under the guise of it "killing the buffalo grass" in the park in which it was held.  I really feel like Lubbock would be a far different place if the Tornado Jam was still a thing.  All of this is even more reason to get the word out and give our local musicians a boost.

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