Could there be a more perfect weekend for a paranormal book signing?

Just after the Friday the 13th Full Moon, fall-like weather and, of course, Halloween all over local stores. It just gets you in the mood, right?

Local Lubbock paranormal romance author Michelle C. Hillstrom will be at 2nd & Charles (6066 Marsha Sharp) on Sunday, September 15th from 1 to 5 p.m.

Michelle C. Hillstrom's The Kiss Series consists of "The Faithful Kiss" and "The Possessive Kiss: Victoria's Story." The third book entitled "A Kiss of Betrayal: Élisabet's Story" is currently underway is expected for release February 2016.
"The Faithful Kiss" focuses on Katelynn Wilder during her freshman year of college. Themes involved in the story include reincarnation, religion, college/greek life, eternal love, witchcraft, and vampirism.
In "The Possessive Kiss" we travel back in time to antebellum New Orleans where we see Katelynn's first life as Victoria. Through "The Possessive Kiss" we learn more about the effects that witchcraft, vampirism, and reincarnation came to effect Katelynn's life.
"A Kiss of Betrayal: Élisabet's Story" tells the tale of a French Princess turned villain through centuries of mistreatment and betrayal.

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