Thanksgiving this year will be very different from the ones we are all used to. Most of us are trying to do our part to keep the spread of COVID-19 from wreaking more havoc on the city of Lubbock and will be staying home for the holidays.

Instead of food, laughter, drinks, and board games with the family, you may find yourself alone.

I've spent Thanksgiving alone a few different times, and it's never the greatest. One year, I was so broke and so far away from home that I literally ate mustard and mayo off of a spoon, standing in front of my refrigerator. That...wasn't my finest year.

Some people spend every holiday alone because they have no family left or a crappy family that they don't care to be around. I'm fortunate that I can stand my family in small doses, but I have friends that refuse to eat with their families at all and enjoy dining out alone for Thanksgiving.

If you're spending the holiday alone for the first time this year, you can still have a decent meal with all the turkey and stuffing like mom used to make. There are several great places to eat in town that are open on Thursday, which gives you no excuse to eat ketchup or anything weird like I did.

Here are some of the best places to eat if you find yourself alone in Lubbock this Thanksgiving:

Places to Eat at on Thanksgiving in Lubbock

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