Who else is opting out of this years Superbowl?

I've got to admit that I have zero interest in the Super Bowl, it's commercials or the half-a$$ halftime show. I usually have at least a passing interest, but for some reason, I'm just checked out. So, what to do with that Sunday instead? Not much is open in Lubbock on a Sunday, but I have a few ideas for you.

  • 1

    Go To The Movies

    Can you imagine how uncrowded the movies will be on Superbowl Sunday? This is a perfect time to get caught up with the characters in Glass or see Aquaman again. Okay, so there's not much new going on at the movies, but it's still a fun way to spend the afternoon.

  • 2

    Do The Buddy Holly Twofer

    Have you taken the time to go to the statue and really just spend a couple minutes vibing on it? Maybe take a few extra minutes mulling over the artists on the Walk Of Fame and who should or shouldn't be there? After that, bolt over to Buddy's grave at the Lubbock Cemetary and chunk a guitar pic down for luck.

  • 3

    Go Out To Eat

    Yeah, avoid the places with t.v.s, but there's quite a large number of places open on Sundays that you can hit up for an early lunch or late dinner. Once again, the hope is that the lines will be a little cumbersome with most folks opting to watch football.

  • 4

    Spiff Up Your Yard

    As of this writing, the weather on Superbowl Sunday is supposed to be sunny and 63°. Maybe you haven't noticed but with this mild winter, weeds are sprouting next to the leaves that fell not too long ago. Go get your business in order!

  • 5

    Hit Up A Park

    Maybe you should put together a game of touch football or throw a frisbee around. You might even think about taking advantage of one of the Lubbock dog parks and get your dog out for some exercise. There's also some memorials that you can go pay tribute too if you're in a more reflective mood.

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