Is it just me or does it feel like there was an influx of crime going down in the 806 this week? I don't know if I've ever come across this many videos of alleged criminals misbehaving in public in a single week here. I thought I'd share some of the crazy videos with you if you haven't come across them already. Most of them are viral at this point.

The Facebook page Lubbock County Mugshots has been pretty busy lately. Here are 9 videos they shared this week of Lubbock residents behaving badly. And, don't forget, everyone you see is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Behave yourselves in public and remember that everyone has a camera phone and a security system these days!

From the original Facebook post: "Anyone recognize these people or these vehicles? The jeep ran into a building last night on West 19th."

From the original Facebook post: "Pew pew near 19th & Ave A"

From the original Facebook post: "This heat’s making Lubbock do the most this week."

From the original Facebook post: "Here come 3 different videos…and something seems similar in all of them. I just can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe y'all can help."

From the original Facebook post: "Video 2"

From the original Facebook post: "#3..."

From the original Facebook post: "Jail is rated E for everyone (even if you refuse to walk)"

From the original Facebook post: “Can y’all post this to see if anyone recognizes these 2 guys? The guy in red stole a car from an apartment complex in the Overton area”

From the original Facebook post: "She was taking pictures of the credit cards at Taco Bell where she works She got arrested coming to the tattoo shop to get piercings... The owner of the card called to see what was going on and that's how they caught her.. she's on her way to county right now”

What is going on out there folks? Is the heat just getting to us? We gotta pull it together! The summer isn't over yet! Lord have mercy! Y'all be careful out there. It's the wild west in Lubbock right now.

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