are prolific performers. They've been all across the U.S. and have toured in Canada, Europe, and Japan. In fact, they tour about eight months every year.

Now that's dedication.

Hemlocks sound is a heavy blend of chugging riffs, deep bass tones, rhythmic grooves and catchy ass lyrics, with a haberdash of melody mixed in. The lyrics are always creative and positive, and the songs have lots of scream alongs and hooks. 

Hemlock on Facebook
Hemlock on Facebook

An early stop on their "Bleed The Dream" tour will be right here in Lubbock, Texas on Sunday, May 12th at Jake's Backroom.

Hemlock last played in Lubbock in 2019 (if Setlistfm and my fairly poor memory are to be believed. Setlistfm usually gets it right).

Lubbock has had a special relationship with Hemlock over the years, with dedicated fans attending show after show, year after year. Seeing a favorite band evolve and change over time is pure magic.

Support for Hemlock will include Dyscarcia, Blood Shovel (that's a fun name!), and Planet Namek. Tickets are available for this all-ages show at Ralph's Records (82nd & Indiana) for $15, at the door will be $20.

And this moment during which I drag out my same old soap box about buying your dang tickets in advance. When you purchase tickets in advance, promoters are willing to take on more risks and book more bands.

Additionally, buying your tickets in advance usually saves you a few bucks that you can spend on merch or beer. And there's always the risk that a show can sell out, especially at Jakes, so buying your tickets as soon as you know you want to go (and you have the money) ensures you won't be disappointed.

Welcome back Hemlock. Lubbock is ready to rock with you.

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