On Tuesday, May 21st McDonald's will release a new McFlurry flavor, and the flavor is called...Grandma?

The limited-time flavor "Grandma" will feature a “delicious syrup” and crunchy candy pieces in vanilla soft serve, which is sort of vague, yet intriguing. What kind of syrup? What kind of candy? I hope it's butterscotch!

I'm just relieved it doesn't taste like grandma's perfume (too powdery!).

canva/ McDonalds
canva/ McDonalds

To be perfectly candid, I have never had a McDonald's dessert that was anything less than absolutely delicious- I have driven through just to get a fried pie before. It was blueberries and cream. I'll be driving through again when/if it ever comes back.

McDonald's has done quite a few interesting and unique limited flavors lately. I was also a big fan of the uber-savory WcDonald's sauce that was released back in February.

McDonald's is doing more than just honoring grandma- they are also donating to a non-profit that provides companionship to elderly people: Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly.

People recently posted a TikTok with folks who got to try the Grandma flurry:


The consensus seems to be "it's better than what I thought it would be," which is pretty promising really. And I love to hear that it has a nice crunch to offset the smoothness of the soft-serve ice cream. I like a dessert that has an interesting (and palatable) texture.

Will you be trying the Grandma McFlurry? I think I'll be giving "Grandma" a chance. I certainly like my real Grandma.

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