I've seen some CRAZY stuff go down at the Stripes at 403 Ave Q. It's the closest gas station to my apartment, and nine times out of ten, the convenience trumps the danger I might face...

I'm lazy and I like to live on the edge. Terrible combo.

It's wild over there, y'all. It has to be the most cursed gas station in Lubbock.  I've witnessed screaming matches, fist fights, and some seriously audacious thefts. I've noticed some people just walk in, grab what they want, and casually walk out the back door while the cashiers are distracted with customers.

Anyway, some crazy stuff went down there last night...

From the looks of this video, two thieves busted down the locked front doors, all while struggling to carry a couple of cases of Twisted Tea.

It's clumsy AF. You can't help but laugh a little, but I'm sure it was pretty scary for anyone else in the store.

Check it out:

All that ruckus for Twisted Tea, Lord have mercy. Not only are the criminals clumsy, but they also have cruddy taste in beverages. If you're going to steal...why not get the good stuff? Kidding...

I always feel bad for the staff. They never seem to have enough help. I only hope they are getting paid a little extra for working at what might be the most dangerous gas station in town. If they aren't sweetening the deal for you guys somehow, get out while you still can.

Have you seen a bunch of crazy stuff go down there too? Tell me about it in the comments below this article!

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