"It's up to us to take care of our planet, to take care of our waterways, and our neighborhoods. As a community, we can make the earth and our planet around us a better place, just by making small changes in our day to day lives."

Miola Aganovic, Lubbock's Stormwater Compliance Specialist, is coordinating the city's first ever Earth Day on Broadway Festival this Friday, April 22nd in the heart of downtown Lubbock.

This fun, family-friendly and free event will have food trucks, a beer garden, around 100 vendors, live music from Junior Vasquez, Hannah Jackson and Jake Pyeatt, and more. The main showcase will be six storm drain murals that will be painted live at the event by local artists.

Earth Day : Storm Drain Murals
Credit: City of Lubbock

"We want people to make the connection that storm drains lead directly to playa lakes and our Canyon Lakes. They don't get treated. Anything that people throw out the window or dump down the storm drain goes straight to the playa lakes," Aganovic told me. "We want people to keep these areas clean, to not dump illegally, and to take care of what happens downstream. These murals will hopefully help people to make that connection and also want to protect it because it's public art while also being an environmental connection."

On top of the farmer's market-style shopping, the Science Spectrum will also bring some fun activities. Smokey the Bear will be in attendance, and there will be hands-on gardening and art projects for the kids to enjoy. Most importantly, this festival is a reminder that by making small changes to our daily routines we can help our environment and make our city a better place to live.

This amazing and educational event is this Friday, April 22, 2022 and it goes from 6 to 9 p.m. It will be located off of Broadway and Avenue K. A parking map can be seen below:

Earth Day on Broadway Parking Map
Credit: City of Lubbock

This event is being hosted by the City of Lubbock "in partnership with Civic Lubbock, Inc., Earth Day LBK, and the Lubbock Cultural Arts Foundation."

Make sure to bring the whole family, y'all.

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